Information about my site.

A short summary of this site in English, Gallery, Books and M. & T. needs no closer explanation: it speaks for itself.

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At heading "Order", you can order several things, booklets, beads, decoration materials/leafs, floratape and wire. For those booklets where there are no prices mentioned, these are 4.00 per piece. Beads cost 4.00 by 100 grammes, but one is not obliged to buy 100 grammes, so the price is 0.40 per 10 grammes. In many cases you can compose you own package! Everything is exclusive shippingcosts.
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The rate within Europe; mailbox mail up to 250 grammes standard 2.60 and priority 3.10, up to 1 kilogram standard 5.95, priority 8.25. Outside of Europe up to 250 grammes 3.50, priority 5.15 and up to 1 kilogram standard 9.25, priority
18.55. In both cases, if you have further questions, just send an email. If you want to order something, then you receive an email from me which contains my IBAN and BIC bankaccount number and my other data. For payments which have been added before 11.30 AM, the shipment is sent that same day.
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Finally some tips. At tips: view the photograph before and after, how it was and how it became. Go to second-hand shop, maybe you can find some nice little vases or bowl and look or around the house what you can use for material. And keep the beads away from the full sunlight, they can discolour, that's a pity! These are the most important subjects in the Dutch text.
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And as very last: The world is wide. Life is short, ENJOY!